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My Story

I’m Poppy Rose, a creative gal based in Bath. I hand-make wire-wrapped crystal jewellery with love and intention, and with a focus on mindfulness. Crystals are beautiful energetic nuggets of Mother Earth, each with its own spiritual properties. Their individual beauty, formed millions of years ago, connects us back to the source energy we all come from. I like to think of crystals as energetic tokens to gently remind us of the energy and strength that is already within us. Every piece of jewellery I make comes with a card I’ve written with information about the crystal’s energies, and some positive affirmations you can say to yourself to ignite those energies within you. 

I'm also a singer and songwriter. Before the pandemic, I was living the dream in Berlin and spent my days writing and travelling across Europe, playing my songs in over 100 living rooms and bars filled with people. I got to support some of my favourite bands on their tours across Germany too - Skinny Living, Caamp, and James Gillespie. (I saw James supporting P!nk in 2017 at the Waldbühne arena, and then a few years later I was supporting him - it was wild).

I wrote a song called 'I Love My Body', a thank you note to my body for everything it does for me, released it in 2019, and it's been featured across BBC Introducing, Fritz Radio (DE), TikTok, Instagram reels, and Encore women's choir in Minneapolis (USA) perform an arrangement of the song in their set. I am eternally grateful this song has reached the hearts that it has.

After taking a break from music, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it again. I'm currently working on my debut album which will be on its way to your ears later this year, stay tuned x

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