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My Story

I'm Poppy Rose, a creative gal based in Bath, England. After 3 years living in Berlin and touring all over Europe as a singer-songwriter, I decided I wanted a slower pace of life and moved to Bath to follow my passion of crystals. I make mindful crystal jewellery, and host music, gratitude and meditation workshops online. 


You never regret a meditation, and I'm here to offer you some self-care accountability. It's easy to say you want to meditate, but to actually sit and do it on your own is sometimes trickier than we think. I find meditating in a group is so powerful, and even more so when combined with crystals.

Crystals are beautiful nuggets of Mama Earth, each with their own energy and properties. Their individual beauty, formed millions of years ago, connects us back to the source energy we all come from. I like to think of crystals as energetic tokens to gently remind us of the energy and strength that is already within us. 

I am also very passionate about meditation, and have been following the teachings of the Kadampa tradition of Buddhism for a while now. Through a combination of the Kadampa teachings and techniques, and my own intuition and crystals, I am here to guide you through meditations in group workshops, and in 1:1 sessions, tailoring the meditation to fit your intentions. 


I'm part of the Good Business Conversations Podcast!

If you want to hear more of my story, I'm one of the 6 incredible women involved with the Good Business Conversations podcast. Gaby and I catch up every 6 weeks to talk about the ins and outs, the highs and lows of my business/life journey.

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