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The Tavern, Cheltenham

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Ah my journey with music is a long one. I've always been a musician. In school, I was the girl who sang. I studied at Leeds College of Music for 3 years, then moved to Berlin when I was 19 to pursue life as a singer-songwriter. I spent 2 marvellous years writing songs, busking, playing open mics, organising multiple month-long living room concert tours, supporting incredible artists at some of my dream venues, and playing over 100 shows across Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Scotland and Guernsey.


I toured Europe with my wonderful friend, Brea Robertson, and boy we had some epic adventures travelling with our music: we played in a pirate-themed shared house overlooking the mountains in Switzerland, we busked on the streets of London, we performed in a brewery in Leeds, an indoor skate ramp in Bern, a garage in a tiny South German village, oh we sang in so many beautiful cosy living rooms strung with fairy lights, drank many glasses of wine and laughed nights away with people we'd just met but felt like family. It was magical. 


But sadly, too much of a good thing takes its toll: at the start of 2020 I suffered a huge burn-out and depression, which led me to re-evaluate a lot of things: mainly that my life wasn’t in balance at all. I'd put myself into a box labelled "just a musician", and wouldn't let myself be anything else. 

I took some time to fully rest, recharge and reflect. I wanted to find who I was outside of this hectic busy music world where I was so focussed on achieving the next goal, and then the next, and the next, and so on. I took time to explore new things, focus on just being, instead of doing and going all the time, and I've built myself back up slowly to be a whole, balanced human, allowing myself to be more than just one thing.

Now I wear a lot of different hats, with the workshops and crystals and the podcast, and music will always be a part of me. 

But music is no longer my job. And now that I've released this pressure to be achieving left right and centre, and let music go and taken an actual break, my love for music is slowly seeping into my veins again. I still sing and write, and now I just want to share my songs raw, as I write them on my living room floor. I'll share a song here and there when I feel like it, when it feels right. But I'm not putting pressure on myself to record and play concerts. When the time is right, if the time is right, it will happen. But who knows. We'll have to wait and see.

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