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My sustainability mission statement

I am very passionate about doing the right thing for our planet, Mama Earth, and I endeavour to be as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible within my business. Let me tell you how...

1. Recyclable packaging

Nearly all of my jewellery can be shipped as a Large Letter. For these parcels, I use a cardboard box, which is completely recyclable.

I also use tissue paper to make sure the crystal is nice and safe in the parcel. At the moment, I am using up tissue paper I already have, and reusing tissue paper from parcels I've received. Once that is all used up, I have purchased some 100% recycled tissue paper which is recyclable and compostable.

2. Paper made from recycled cotton rags

For the handwritten notes for each crystal, I use paper made from recycled cotton rags, which I purchase from a small independent business.

3. Reusable cotton gift bags

Each piece of crystal jewellery I pop in a little cotton gift bag which you can reuse in so many ways: use it as a pouch to keep your jewellery safe while travelling, or you could use it as a peg bag for your laundry pegs! I'd love to see your creative ways of reusing the gift bag, tag me on Instagram to show me @poppyrosecreates.

4. Supporting small businesses

I endeavour to support small and independent businesses when I purchase the materials for my jewellery. I love supporting small businesses: the packaging is always so cute and thoughtful, and the customer service is always impeccable. All of my crystals I source from small Etsy shops or independent crystal shops.

5. Repairs & Custom Pieces

I recently launched a Custom Crystal Necklace option where you can send me your chosen crystal/stone for me to hand wrap with wire to create a special, unique necklace just for you! If you already have plenty of crystals at home, or a special sentimental piece that you would like to have a as a necklace so you can have the energy of that specific crystal with you at all times, or a crystal necklace that needs repairing - this option is perfect for you! Let's save waste and fix what we can so we can continue to enjoy it.

Let me know any other ways I could be more sustainable and eco-friendly and I will try my best! I'm always open to learning more.
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