June: Selenite

1 x Selenite crystal necklace on a sterling silver plated chain (note: the crystal pendant won't be the exact crystal as shown in the photo)

1 x ticket to the Welcoming Inner Peace Crystal Workshop session on Zoom on Thursday 17th June, 8pm.


Order before 11th June to ensure it will arrive in time for the Zoom workshop on Thursday 17th! 


All orders will be posted on 11th June.  



The crystal of peace, calm, and clearing and purifying low vibrational energies. Selenite is a stunning high-vibe crystal said to clear, cleanse and transmute low vibrational energies into pure, loving high vibrations. It also helps welcome a sense of inner peace and calm.  Selenite is a great crystal to place by your bed to help clear any stagnant energy from the day. Selenite can also be used to cleanse your other crystals, read more here


In this session, we will...

  • discuss and journal about the crystal's energy and properties and how we can bring this energy into our day to day lives
  • repeat the crystal’s affirmations all together
  • I'll guide us through a meditation for letting go of stale energies and developing inner peace. 

June - Selenite

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