March: Amethyst

1 x amethyst crystal necklace on a sterling silver plated chain (note: the crystal pendant won't be the exact crystal as shown in the photo)

1 x ticket to the Clarity & Trusting Your Intuition Crystal Workshop session on Zoom on Thursday 18th March, 8pm.


Order before 12th March to ensure it will arrive in time for the Zoom workshop on Thursday 18th! 


All orders will be posted on 12th March.  



The crystal of clarity and trusting your intuition. Amethyst is a beautiful high-vibe crystal said to calm the mind, bring mental and spiritual clarity, encourage you to trust your intuition and help release negativity from your being. Amethyst is a great crystal to have with you while meditating and journaling to help you listen to your heart’s whispers.

In this session, we will...

  • talk about the crystal's energy and properties and how we can bring this energy into our day to day lives
  • repeat the crystal’s affirmations all together
  • I'll guide us through a meditation for listening to and trusting your intuition, and releasing negativity

March - Amethyst

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