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Mindful Crystal Jewellery Making Workshops

In the session...

  • We talk about how to work with crystals to practice mindfulness

  • We learn my technique of wrapping crystals into necklace pendants with wire and positive intention

  • I’ll guide us through a short meditation

  • Take home a goodie bag of incense to cleanse your crystals, organic herbal tea bags and more.

Available for group bookings in and around Bath. (4).png

1:1 Guided Meditations

A personalised peaceful half hour, just for you, from the comfort of your own home.


In the session...

  • We'll talk about what's going on for you and what you need more of in the moment

  • I'll tune in to your energy and I'll guide you through a ~20 minute meditation using my crystals, intuition, and Buddhist practice

Available for online bookings.

I Love My Body Workshop Post - monthly (3).png

Body Acceptance Creative Gratitude Workshops

Inspired by my song "I Love My Body"

In the session, we...

  • Talk about practising gratitude to ourselves and our bodies

  • Reflect on what we love about ourselves and what we are learning to love

  • Write our own verse to the song "I Love My Body", which double up as your own personal gratitude affirmations. (no musical experience necessary!)

  • At the end of the session I’ll guide us through a simple gratitude meditation. 

Available for group bookings online, or in and around Bath.

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